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Top 85 Roller Coasters Prediction

1. Goliath SFOG
2. El Toro
3. Steel Vengeance
4. Twisted Timbers
5. Twisted Cyclone
6. Storm Chaser
7. StormRunner
8. Maverick
9. iSpeed
10. ICON
11. Xcelerator
12. Takabisha
13. S&S El Loco
14. B&M Batman
15. Raptor
16. Talon
17. Banshee
18. Nemesis
19. Nemesis Inferno
20. Goliath SFMM
21. Titan
22. Twisted Colossus
23. Wicked Cyclone
24. Maxx Force
25. Premier Sky Rocket 2
26. Nitro
27. Diamondback
28. The Beast
29. Mystic Timbers
30. X2
31. GateKeeper
32. X-Flight
33. Wild Eagle
34. Raptor Gardaland
35. Mind Bender OG
36. Shockwave OT
37. Mind Bender WEM
38. Speed of Sound
39. Vekoma GIB
40. Vekoma Invertigo
41. Vekoma Boomerang
42. Flywheel Shuttle Loop
43. Arrow Launched Loop
44. Millenium Force
45. Kingda Ka
46. Top Thrill Dragster
47. Red Force
48. Formula Rossa
49. Coney Island Cyclone
50. Skull Mountain
51. Space Mountain
52. Katun
53. Wild Mouse
54. SkyRush
55. Fahreinheit
56. The Racer
57. Racer 75
58. Steel Dragon 2000
59. Mamba
60. Steel Force
61. Hydra
62. Fury 3…

Animaniacs: One of the greatest childrens shows

Animaniacs is a 1993 Television series that aired on FOX Kids, then was moved to the WB and after that became the CW, was moved to Discovery Kids, which became Hub, and once Hub became Discovery Family, it stopped airing.


The theme song represents all the major and supporting characters.


Animaniacs, unlike other shows, was not outsourced to just one studio, it was outsourced to many over the years, the most common is Tokyo Movie Shinsua, who made the intro, the credits & Yakko's World.


Yakko Warner - The kid who is the protagonist of the showWakko Warner - Wakko is a British-American kid who's most common joke is having to go to the bathroomDot Warner - I'm Not Dot... I'm Cute.Hello Nurse - The studio nurse, the boys both have a crush on here.Doctor Scratch N Sniff - The easily triggered Doctor who ripped his hair out after seeing Yakko for the first time, making him bald. = WATCH IT TODAY =
Animaniacs DVDsH…

My Waterslide Credits


1.  Fort Rapids Blue Enclosed Kids Slide (Once)
2.  Fort Rapids Pink Kids Slide (Around 5 Times)
3.  Fort Rapids Yellow Enclosed Kids Slide (A Few Times)
4.  Fort Rapids Red Kids Slide (Once or Twice)
5.  Fort Rapids Yellow Open Kids Slide (Quite A Few Times)
6.  Fort Rapids Blue Open Air Kids Slide (3 or 4 Times)


A Bit Too Many

The Two Cheesiest Disney anthology specials (No order)


We WeRe InViTeD tO dIsNeY wOrLd To RiDe SpAcE MoUnTaIn. Also, the hippie band.


Micheal Eisner's fake french, and all his smiles are photoshopped, i swear.

It's a temporary website!!!!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.