Maddox Rants #1 - The Modern Disney Fanbase

To start off, the Modern Disney Fanbase is really nerve-wracking, this article may seem weird in the future, as changes will occur, as Walt Disney once said "Disneyland will never be completed".

r/Disney, while a decent subreddit, has the tag "NSFM" to block out content that "ruins" the "magic", which means, calling Mickey Mouse a "costume" means you have to put it along with PORN on other subreddits due to NSFM and NSFW being one the same.

I recommend you to watch "Offhand Disney"'s video on the subject matter, as it addresses a lot of the complaints i will make.

And the chat for the EPCOT D23 was mainly "jUsTiCe FoR fIgMeNt", i mean seriously, Figment has as much value in 2020 as Duffy the Disney Bear (barring Japan), nowadays, Disney doesn't really care about Park OCs, which is sad, but you have to realize, Walt Disney (and some of the Imagineers like Tony Baxter) was/were the only person/people to have an infinite imagination in the company, the rest just like to tie in movies.

I hate IPCOT as much as the next guy, but if you are really upset about IPCOT, in Michael Jordan's words, "Stop it, get some help".

Now, it's time to get the elephant out of the bag... ANTI-SPLASH MOUNTAINEERS.

These people always acted like they always called Splash Mountain "racist" when in reality, they only did it when a 21K signed petition popped up... 3 months later, STILL hating even though an 85K signed petition in support of Splash is around, and before then, they always made references to "The Laughing Place" and stuff.

Back to IPs... IPs have been major since 1955 with rides like Casey Jr., Peter Pan, Dumbo and even Mr. Toad. Yet they act like it's a byproduct of Michael Eisner.

It's hardly a fandom at all, let's be honest.

I GET THAT EPCOT WAS CREATED WITHOUT IPS IN MIND! but seriously, this isn't Six Fla... oh wait, Superman, Bugs Bunny, never mind... Cedar Fair (besides the Snoopy kiddie area), THERE WE GO! This ain't Cedar Fair, this is Disney.

On a positive note, they do create good art.

Also, these people get triggered when anyone makes fun of Disney, South Park's hilarious "Band In China" episode, TRIGGERED. The Simpsons and Family Guy, TRIGGERED. Etc.

And do they release POTC was planned to be a wax museum and Haunted Mansion to be a walk-tru, i don't think so!

No one is perfect, Not Disney, Not Baxter, Not even Me, but you gotta realize, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT STUFF.

Yes, i am a heavy supporter of "The Waltzers" (the Classic Disney Fanbase) and #SaveSplashMountain, but do i SWEAR at them for having a different opinion, no, no i don't, i just only want them to change for the better.

Also, Ellen's Energy Adventure wanting to be KEPT? It's ironic now that Ellen has been cancelled on the internet, but even with the original classic version, people still wouldn't run to it once the park opens.

And one last note before the conclusion, do these people release that Twilight Zone is IP based.

The Conclusion

In finale, this fanbase ain't good at all, sure, there are a few good fans (Offhand Diseny), but a lot are just ranters and complainers. This fanbase gets a 2/10 from me.


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